Tincal lab: Challenge 2023 Jewelry and Travel

Traveling is probably one of the most enriching experiences. Getting to know countries, people, landscapes or cities, different cultures, lifestyles, food, clothes, habits. Experiencing the world increases our awareness of being just another tiny grain of sand in this immense universe. It allows us to learn more about our surroundings and about ourselves.
We can travel alone or with company, without a destination or with maps. We can travel by car, boat, plane or train – and the way we absorb time andĀ space will be totally different.

78 jewelers fromĀ 31 countries were selected.

Two of my flying flowers.

17th May – 25th June 2024 in galery Lalabeyou, Madrid
11th November – 31st December 2023 in Tincal lab, Lisbon