Silver Challenge 2016

Silver Challange (the former Noviteitenshow ) is a regular feature of the Nationale Zilverdag (National Silver Day) in the town of Schoonhoven. Designers and goldsmiths were challengedto create inovative jewelry and objects. The theme in 2016 was ’emotion’. The design had to be jewelry or silver art industry related. The exhibited entries were judged by visitors to the National Silver

Maja Houtman contributed with a protest piece called Bom Blondje (Bomb Bimbo). Or as the description in the showcase said: Frau Antje with a bomb vest.

16.05.2016 : Nationale Zilverdag, Schoonhoven (NL)

Maja_Houtman_Schoonhoven_2016_4 Maja_Houtman_Schoonhoven_2016_2 Maja_Houtman_Bom_Blondje