Muzeum Biżuterii Współczesnej

March 30, 2019, the new Muzeum Biżuterii Współczesnej (Museum of Contemporary Jewelery) in Warzaw opened its doors the Praga Koneser Center. This new gallery was established thanks to the cooperation of the Fundacji Promocji Wzornictwa (Design Promotion Foundation) and the Stowarzyszenia Twórców Form Złotniczych (Association of Goldsmiths).

The idea behind the Modern Jewelery Museum is to popularize and present goldsmithing as a part of visual arts. Many of the exhibits presented at the exhibition are contemporary sculptures and design projects.

The inaugurating exhibition presents the works of thirty artists. In addition to the many Polish goldsmiths, the work of a number of foreign colleagues is also exhibited. Maja Houtman is represented with a series of objects from her collection.

From 30.04.2019 : Muzeum Biżuterii Współczesnej, Warzaw (POL)

Muzeum Biżuterii Współczesnej in cooperation the Fundacji Promocji Wzornictwa and the Stowarzyszenia Twórców Form Złotniczych.