To bring artists together to a single event was the idea of the contemporary metal biennial “METALOphone” when it was launched. The third international contemporary metal art biennial is all about the metal connection. The works presented at this year’s biennial will take visitors aback not only by the variety of shapes but also by unexpected combinations of materials.  Such a wide variety of metal art, bringing together artists who value a conceptual approach and who work in different areas of the world, will reveal the versatility of metal.

Maja’s Fibula Nubifera is selected for the exhibition connected to the Biennial of Contemporary Metal Art. This brooch or cloak pin is a literally an ornament made to achieve a bond. Where as the thin silver wire is binding all loose parts together into one firm entirety.

05.10.2016 – 26.10.2016 : (AV17) gallery, Aušros Vartų g. 17, Vilnius, Lithuania

3rd International Biennial of Contemporary Metal Art



Kristina Mizgiryte opening the exhibition

In the exhibition