IDENTITY – Holownia

Holownia is the exhibition of a few hundred of works all over the world submitted to the 26th Legnica International Jewellery Competition IDENTITY, but were not selected for the main exhibition. Its name is taken from the place, where it is held – a foyer (Polish ‘hol’) of the Old City Hall.

Who am I? (pendant and object)
About this object Maja wrote: ‘My name is Tulipa, I originate from Central Asia. I have two homelands: I am the national flower of Turkey … and also of Holland. I have a dual nationality. Do I therefore have a dual loyalty or a split personality? No, nobody can claim my identity!’

14.04.2017 – 04.06.2017 : Modrzejewska Theatre, Legnica (POL)

Gallery of Art in Legnica, Poland

in the exhibition